Mixte Magazine | 5 Inspiring Women by Sandra Cliche

September 10, 2013

The trajectory of Liza Kaufman is far from ordinary. Born in
Peru, raised in Toronto, and educated in Los Angeles and Paris,
Liza has also lived in Greece and New York. Liza Kaufman,
chartered real estate broker and founding partner of Sotheby’s
International Realty Quebec, started in the working world as a
consultant in Toronto, honing her professional management
and negotiating skills. She next moved to Los Angeles where
she held a part-time job as a public relations coordinator at the
Oscars, and demonstrated her ability to manage multiple
projects simultaneously. Next stop, Montreal.
Over ten years ago, Liza decided to accompany a friend
enrolling in brokerage courses. Her friend did not continue. But
Liza persevered despite her first inclination not to work in the
field… until a neighbor decided to entrust to Liza the sale of her
house, which she managed to achieve in a week. She had
found her profession. She first worked with a large realty banner
but the work process did not suit her. She decided to open an
office affiliated with the Sotheby’s International Realty network,
“the real estate extension” of Sotheby’s, prestigious auction
house. The company had several advantages: its marketing approach,
its leading Web presence, and its close links with
exclusive decorating magazines. But especially its humanist
vision: the philosophy at Sotheby’s International Realty is that a
home reflects the value of the lives lived therein.
Like many women, Liza began working at home, monitoring
homework while scrubbing dishes, ferrying the kids to hockey
games and ballet lessons, while doing the shopping. “The
faster a company grows, the quicker one must become a professional
organizer and multi-tasker. To launch a business, and
to succeed is no small matter. It takes vision, determination, a
willingness to work hard, and a capacity to treat frustrations as
an opportunity to grow. You also have to absolutely love what
you do. This increases the prospects for outperforming others.
And occasionally requires that we put work before family, or our
own needs.” For being a woman in business involves compromise.
But it’s also an asset in disciplines where human relationships
are paramount and where problem solving requires a
particular point of view.
At its inception, the Sotheby’s International Realty brand was
little known in Quebec. Liza Kaufman became its most devoted
promoter. What inspires her in her role as a broker is the opportunity
to interact with a multitude of people and to make a
difference in their lives. Wherever luxury real estate is sold you
will find evidence of Liza’s marketing presence or hear her name.
Looking into the future, Liza sees a beautiful house perched on a
mountainside overlooking the sea, and she dreams of the day
when she’ll have more time to study, travel and employ her artistic
talents to painting, sculpture, and fashion photography. In the
meanwhile, she applies her creativity to presenting beautiful
homes in the best possible light.