Giving Back

mai 6, 2013

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The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the JGH is the most widely respected Unit for the care of premature babies. In fact the JGH has been designated a high-risk perinatal referral centre by the Quebec government, providing ultra-specialized services for mothers and babies from across the province. The new Maternal-Child Health Centre provides the highest standards in space and equipment which was established by the Canadian and American Health authorities. This space includes private labor/delivery rooms, special rooms for high-risk mothers

The JGH provides a significantly larger space per baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) so that parents can sit comfortably near their babies, private breast-feeding rooms, on-site pharmacy, conference room, and a staff lounge. The NICU is staffed by highly skilled doctors and nurses whose only goal is to ensure the health of premature babies. The unit provides quality care to approximately 700 premature infants each year while consistently maintaining the highest survival rate for premature babies in the province of Quebec. The Department of Neonatology at the JGH was one of the first to initiate treatment of the mother in premature labour (less than 34 weeks). Each year, over 4,500 babies are born at the JGH. In their quest to develop the very best in programs for mother and child, newborns now room with their mothers, with nurses providing care and education in the comfort and privacy of the mother’s room. The NICU is one of the most prestigious units for the care of premature infants. It has given hope to parents and it has given life to fragile infants who need specialized care and attention. It is for those reasons that the VIVO Fund resumed its fundraising efforts in 2010, a new decade with the same goal, to save the lives of many premature babies who need our help.


The NICU will soon relocate to Pavilion K, a newly constructed wing of the JGH. The improvements will include the addition of six new acute care incubators and a birthing center with double the amount of high risk pregnancy beds. With your generous support we will contribute to the purchase of specialized equipment for this new unit.

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