St. Mary's Ball Raises $1.57 Million for research

décembre 5, 2009

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Featured in Social News:

Liza Kaufman (in goddessy Gucci) at St. Mary’s Ball.


If you haven’t noticed (it’s only been five years, take your time) your social gal does try her darndest to present each week’s events in a unique, fun-filled fashion. i.e.: themes, alliteration ’til the cows come home, every possible Oxford adjective and yes, an event-centric language
that even Gazette publisher/editor in chief Alan Allnutt dubbed Jennese. What can/will she do for an encore? How about plain tell the whole social story, guts and all, for your naughty notie pleasure? St. Mary’s ’70s Splash: It all started on a snug Thursday eve when I realized that instead of some much needed nesting, St. Mary’s 72nd ball beckoned. So I donned the requisite sartorials and hopped a cab to Windsor Station.
Upon entering, my not-so-spirited spirits were immediately lifted as I spotted every social columnist’s offnight best friend: the champagne flute. I quickly downed several and suddenly the night looked a whole lot brighter.
It was at this particular moment that I went bumping (chicly) into several esteemed
guests worthy of this newfound Jenergy. They included Della and Tony Meti (molto cool couple, but Italyspeak was last week’s shtick, so enuff of that); community minded Carolyn and Rick Renaud (column regulars cuz clearly they should be); Lise Champagne-Bastien and CTV Montreal senior VP/GM Don Bastien (yes, I want my own show, Don, and if this
mention helps, so be it); Patricia (Wonder Doc) Portoluzzi with husband Jeffrey (Mogulman)
Speak (representing that new breed of “you can’t keep up with them power pairs, so don’t try”);
and speaking of the power-ful, what good party would be complete without Claire and Peter Kruyt. Claire, off (heck, on) the record,Mark Smith was right – your bijoux rocked).
Re tail tawk: It was the usual (“how’s biz?” ”how’r the kids?” “how dyu stay so thin?”) peppered with lotsa en vogue H1N1 air kissing and serious silent auction gawking. (Lots were impressive, think Oahu wow and cat ski chic).
Next we moved on to the dining room (disco décor by Bridget Fetterly dazzled) where I took my seat between the dashing duo of Adam Turner (attending with wife Catherine) and Leonard Rossy (with wife Olga Assaly), who spent a good chunk of the night goodnaturedly
questioning when my “work” would kick in (Leonard, it just did. Enjoy). Also adding to the tablescape: lawyer-lovely Anne-Marie Boucher, on scene with hub Mitch Garber, master of you know which game! What next? Waddya think?! You’re deep in Social Notes territory where schmoozing (nonstop and powerful); boozing (whatever you fancied); dining (chef Alain Pignard’s best); dancing (1945 and the Boogie Wonder Band, ’nuff said); prancing
(catwalk ready); and raffling (for tropic-exotics) are what we do best. This boogie baby (clearly) was no exception. In fact, it was ex-cep-tional, thanks in large part to co-chairpeeps Tracy and Marc Bibeau, who (with invaluable support from the centre’s board chairperson Marc Trottier, attending with wife Marisa, and many others pictured today) helped raise the bash bar, along with a record-breaking $1.57 million toward the creation of the first McGill Chair in Family
and Community Medicine Research at St. Mary’s.
Did I miss anything? Of course, I did. Penning this column is like trying to fit the world’s population into my apartment.
So, before we go, a quick nod to the stirring Small Wonder video; amazing rendition of Amazing Grace by Sylvie Desgroseilliers; and other notable boldables that contributed to the eve’s psychedelic success, including Molson brothers Geoff and Andrew (attending with wives Kate and Helen respectively); Roshi and Baljit Chadha; a band of Broccolinis; Gwen and Tom Nacos;
the hospital’s top docs; Herbert Black, (whose dance moves were so flash even our Gaz photog couldn’t catch ’em); and best cab buddies ever, Chantal and Mark Culver. ’Kay, we’re good now, honestly. Correction: Profound pologies to Robin Rosen who last week morphed into pal Selena Paperman, our oops!